2020-2023             Several exhibits for reviews at the academic galleries. 
June 5 -July 20 2023  Group exhibition - Karmeliterplatz 3, Vienna, Austria
June 30 -July 4 2023  GRADUATION SHOW Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Den Haag)
Group exhibition 
March 2022         Organized with fellow students on our own initiative in Billytown, The Hague. 
December 2022   Pre-graduation show. Organized with all fine art final exam students. The Hague. 
October 2021       I will see, essay on the discovery, power and art of seeing. 
Nov 2021             Gripped understood, essay about works of art that touch me and why. 
March 2023          Thesis Everything is present, Senses in (my) art 
March 2023          Artist publication Linocuts  
Open calls  
January 2021       Gate of the North - Rotterdam. Contest near my boathouse to improve the area. I submitted several ceramic tiles in different shades green and blue with a wavy motion in 3D that can be tiled randomly. Rejected. 
March 2022          Tini mini Room - Dordrecht; Participation with 5 A3 charcoal drawings. Selected to exhibit in Tini Mini Room gallery. Dordrecht                                                                                                  
May 2022             Anonymous Drawings – Berlin. A conceptual art and exhibition project. Selected for the exhibition from June – August, 2022 Galerie im Körnerpark in Berlin, Germany.
August 2022        Alp Art Academy for Land and Environmental Art, Tenna, Switzerland.                                Theme: Learning from the earth. Participant for 10 days.     
August 2023        Two week artist residency, Artisi Nel Bosco, Baixi near Pegli, Genoa, Italy. https://www.artistinelbosco.com
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